Calisthenics in Cracow. Top 4 outdoor gyms in the city


This post is for people who stay in Cracow and they are looking for a free gym outdoors/some place to do calisthenics and don’t want to pay for it either/or love to train outside.

These are my top 4 favourite outdoors gyms with at least both pull-up and dip bars in Cracow. But before you start to be active outdoors in Cracow, first of all you have to know two things:

  1. The weather is not great outdoors in Cracow all the time. We are in 7a hardness zone. If you want to compare it – on average it’s s little bit colder here than in Toronto, Canada!  So you have to be dressed appropriately, especially in a winter time.
  2. We have big problem with air pollution, which is mainly caused by burning coal to heat homes when it is cold outside. So check out some weather and air reports before going out for phisical activity.

1. At Campus UJ/Ruczaj District

There are actually two outdoor gyms at Campus UJ.

Ruczaj outdoor gyms on the map:

Outdoor gyms at Ruczaj - map

'Ruczaj’ tram stop is the nearest one from A and 'Norymberska’ tram stop is the nearest from B:

You can find pretty much the same accesories in both. However B is better in the summer, because of trees which protect you from heat. Here is a picture:

Ruczaj - free outdoor gym on picture

2. Bulwary na Dąbiu/Dąbie District near Vistula River

If you are looking for picturesque views and you are staying in centre of the city, this one is for you. It is really close from here to Kazimierz (Jewish District) and fashionable Stare Podgórze.

Bulwar na Dąbiu - Gym Outdoor

Na Dąbiu - Gym

You will find localisation on the map posted here below.

3. Park Lotników Polskich/Czyżyny District

If you really want to find it all in one place, this one is for you:

Park Lotników - Street Workout Gym Photo

Park Lotnikow - Street Workout Gym

If you already are in Park Lotników, but you have trouble to find it, it is placed very close to Tauron Arena, like on the backside of the hall.

There is another place with dip and pull-up bars nearby, but on sand, therefore it is certainly not for all:

Gyms at Bulwary na Dąbiu and Park Lotników Polskich on the map:

Outdoor gyms on the map of Cracow - Czyżyny & Dąbie


4. Zalew Nowohucki/Nowa Huta District

Outdoor Gym in Nowa Huta

Outdoor Gym in Nowa Huta

Nowa Huta was built after World War II and is certainly interesting place to go, especially for socialist realism fans out there. The Gym is in the park near Zalew Nowohucki. Most noteworthy, dip bars has got interesting design.

Outdoor gym on Nowa Huta on the map:

Outdoor Gym in Nowa Huta - map

Hope I have helped. Do you want to return the favour? Please like my page on Facebook 🙂

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